До виборів залишилось


  • new initiative of “Internews-Ukraine” International Public Organization;
  • politically neutral resource that asserts the interests of voters;
  • promptly visualizes violations during the election campaign and on the Election Day;
  • opened to everyone, who has an opportunity and is eager to report violations.

The advantage of ELECTUA.ORG project is “smart” crowdsoursing and clear transparent system of received information verification. Team of moderators checks all reports on violations.

The aim of ELECTUA is to encourage citizens to have active social position and monitor the electoral process.

We want to draw attention to the importance of will declaration process. We strive to make this resource an effective means to record and distribute information on election legislation violations during the Parliamentary elections 2012. ELECTUA.ORG will allow journalists, public figures and all citizens to participate in elections monitoring during the election campaign and particularly on Election Day.

You can report violation:

If you have any questions concerning ELECTUA platform, please, call our Info Line: 050 43-43-43-5 or 067 444-44-93


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